12 signs that your developers are doing it wrong

Image Source: http://www.halolz.com/2008/04/15/doing-it-wrong/

Quality can be a difficult thing to judge in software development. It takes time to get things right. But just because it takes a while to get things done, it doesn’t mean things are being done correctly.

Here are some signs that your software development practices are going in the wrong direction:

  1. You’re afraid to ask for upgrades because you aren’t sure what’s going to break.
  2. Upgrades to your application bring new problems.
  3. Upgrades to your application bring back old problems.
  4. When using your application, there are “scary” parts that seem to cause problems, every time they’re used.
  5. You have special instructions that must be followed to work around issues that won’t go away.
  6. Bug fixes seem more like bug “movers”, with every fix bringing new bugs.
  7. You need to use Internet Explorer for everything to work correctly.
  8. New features seem to make the application worse, not better.
  9. When new features are added, you’re always the first to find bugs.
  10. If you have a bug tracking system, there are more bugs to fix than there are new features to build. And that never seems to change.
  11. Your application relies on an external library that just released a sweet new feature, but you can’t take advantage of it because you can’t update to use it.
  12. Simple changes that used to be easy and quick are taking longer and longer for the team to complete.

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