If you haven’t built an automated test suite for your software application yet, you’re missing out on benefits that become more important the longer your application is useful. The five benefits below describe the long term advantages gained through disciplined testing of your software application.

  1. Improve release quality.
    Rarely can a new feature be added without consideration for the impact it will have on existing functionality. Automated tests describe and execute your application’s features so your team can integrate your new features without introducing problems with existing features.
  2. Adapt to change quickly.
    With a good test suite your development team can be freed from the fear of releasing new code to the point where you can comfortably deploy new changes every day. A properly constructed test suite ensures all business requirements are met and you’ll be able to nearly eliminate the need to manually test the application before release. With a deploy process tested daily, you can gain a competitive advantage in being able to adapt faster than any of your competitors.
  3. Explore new technology.
    By relying on your test suite to verify complete operation of your application, you’ll be free to explore new technology stacks and gain advantages through software developed by others. It is for this reason that, in the long term, your automated tests can be arguably more valuable than the software application itself.
  4. Freely adapt to changes to development team.
    Reduce your reliance on your original development team and gain freedom to explore different options to develop your software. By removing the need for developers to keep knowledge of feature interaction in their head, you can change your development team with greatly reduced ramp-up costs because you can rely on your automated test suite to verify the application.
  5. Reduce liability.
    Your automated tests can validate that your application does what is expected and also that it acts correctly when prohibited actions are attempted. This provides you with a layer of protection to ensure you are not exposed to undue liability, and provides a defensible position should the time ever arise where your software’s operation is in question.

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